Payday loans up to 100,000 DKK. >> Same low interest rate for all

Loans up to 100,000 KR.

With a phoenix loan, you can borrow up to 100,000 KR. This means that the loan will enter into a small exclusive loan of consumer loans with loans in this price range. Most consumer loans are up to 50,000KRr. To 75,000 kr.

Same low interest rate to all

Normally, the interest rate will be determined according to your credit rating. If you get a poorer credit rating than others, you get a higher interest rate. This is not the case with Fønik’s loan, where the private loans offer a fixed low interest rate to all. So, regardless of whether your credit rating is the good or bad end, you are offered a low rate of interest by Craw Loan.

Quick loan

Craw Loans is a quick loan if you wish. You will receive a response to your loan application within 60 minutes. Often, you will be notified even faster than this. Once you have your loan offer, you can freely wait for your decision if you want this loan. However, if you accept the loan within the normal opening hours of the banks, you will receive the money already on the same day. It’s fast money for what you dream about.

No hidden fees

Craw Loan has no hidden fees. A consumer loan usually consists of both interest and fees. This sometimes makes it impossible to see the final price, and how expensive the loan is. But with a phoenix loan, you will not meet any hidden fees.

Note that you can also look at OPOP in our loan overview at any time to compare the prices of the loans. OPP is an interest rate calculated on the basis of the total cost of a loan per year. Ie that all fees, interest and all other likely costs are counted in the OPP. The loan with the cheapest OPP is therefore the cheapest loan for you if the loan suits you. If you borrow for longer than you need or a larger amount than you need, you often get more expenses than necessary. Therefore, it is important to find a loan that suits your borrowing needs and then find the loan with the lowest OPP.

Sign with NemID

When you borrow from Fønik Privatlån, you can sign the loan with NemID. The advantage of this is that the loan can be approved immediately, so you can get the money on your account immediately. Another advantage is, of course, the safety. Only you have access to your NemID and all data will be encrypted when using NemID. That way, your application, and your data are kept confidential.

The application is non-binding

You can freely make an application for a payday loan. Our 2-minute loan application is fast and easy to complete. The application is 100% non-binding. When you apply for a Mortgage, it is only a loan offer. After the application, you will receive a loan offer. This loan offer allows you to review and evaluate if it is a loan for you. You have not accepted any loan at this time, so you can decide if you want to raise the loan or not.

You first accept the loan when the agreement is signed. Ie If you choose to use the submitted loan offer, you will then sign the loan agreement.

Note that even after a loan agreement has been signed, we always have 14 days of cancellation in Denmark. However, you must always pay interest for the period when you reach the loan. So if you regret your loan after 2 days and then pay it back, you will have to pay interest for these 2 days.